Ulysses Club Inc


Local members of the Ulysses Club gathered for the first time in Cairns at the Freshwater Hotel to discuss if there was enough interest to form a local Cairns group of the Ulysses Club. The initial members were Frank Williams, John Golightly, Tom Hull (acting as treasurer) and Linda Baker (acting as secretary).

The first ride for the Cairns group was to Port Douglas on July 7th 1994.

The first official meeting took place in September of 1994 with Frank Wlliams being elected group leader, Duncan Walker as secretary/treasurer and John Golightly as ride coordinator.

In 1997 the Cairns Branch was born with the Ulysses Club national committee awarding the Cairns  group branch status.

In 1999 the Cairns Branch hosted the Ulysses AGM with more than 2000 members from all over Australia attending.

On Sunday mornings members of the Cairns Branch meet at Dunwoody's Tavern on Sheridan Street Cairns to go for a ride. Rides generally set off at 9AM sharp however some may have differing start times, those wishing to join the ride should check the ride calendar. Riders are asked to ensure they are at the departure point well ahead of time to make sure they have all the information required.

We don’t  have monthly meetings however there is usually an informal gathering of members at Wayne Leonard Motorcycles most Saturday mornings.